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Sandy's N Harry's Restaurant Jaipur

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Vegetarian Dishes

Aloo Payaz Paneer (Cooked 1 kg) Rs. 425
Butter Paneer (Cooked 1 kg) Rs. 450
Chana Masala (Cooked 1 kg) Rs. 400
Dal Makhni (Cooked 1 kg) Rs. 400
Dal Tadka (Cooked 1 kg) Rs. 350
Kadhai Paneer (Cooked 1 kg) Rs. 450
Malai Kofta (Cooked 1 kg) Rs. 500
Matar Paneer (Cooked 1 kg) Rs. 450
Mixed Veg (Cooked 1 kg) Rs. 400
Paneer Tikka (Cooked 1 kg) Rs. 600
Paneer Tikka Masala (Cooked 1 kg) Rs. 500
Veg Biryani (Cooked 1 kg) Rs. 150

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