Online-Menu with prices at Sandy's N Harry's Restaurant in Jaipur
Sandy's N Harry's Restaurant Jaipur

Fast Food  Veg

Aloo Tikki Burger Rs. 50
Cheese Grilled Sandwich Rs. 90
Chhole Bhature Rs. 100
French Fries Rs. 70
Paneer Tikki Burger Rs. 60
Pav Bhaji Rs. 80
Veg Grilled Sandwich Rs. 65

Fast Food  Non Veg

Cheese Omelette Rs. 60
Chicken Burger Rs. 60
Chicken Grilled Sandwich Rs. 120
Egg & Mayonnaise Sandwich Rs. 80
Keema Pav Rs. 90
Lamb Meat Burger Rs. 75
Omelette Rs. 40
Pav Omelette Rs. 70

Kathi Rolls/ Wraps  Veg

Chilli Paneer Kathi Roll Rs. 100
Mushroom Kathi Roll Rs. 100
Paneer Tikka Kathi Roll Rs. 100

Kathi Rolls/ Wraps  Non Veg

Chicken kathi roll Rs. 120
Chicken Seekh Kabab Kathi Roll Rs. 140
Chicken Tikka Kathi Roll Rs. 140
Egg and Chicken Kathi Roll Rs. 120
Egg and Cheese Kathi Roll Rs. 80
Egg Kathi Roll Rs. 60
Mutton Seekh Kabab Kathi Roll Rs. 150
S&H Special Kathi Roll (Double Tikka) Rs. 150

SNH Specials  Veg

Grilled Veg in Masala Gravy Served with Garlic Naan Rs. 180

SNH Specials  Non Veg

Chicken Grilled Steak Served with assorted veg and mashed potatoes Rs. 250
Chicken Whole Leg in Masala Served with Garlic Naan Rs. 200

Soups  Veg

Tomato Soup Rs. 80
Veg Hot & Sour Soup Rs. 90
Veg Mancho Soup Rs. 90
Veg Sweet Corn Soup Rs. 90

Soups  Non Veg

Chicken Clear Soup Rs. 90
Chicken Hot & Sour Soup Rs. 100
Chicken Manchow Soup Rs. 100
Chicken Sweet Corn Soup Rs. 100

Pizzas  Veg

Garden Fresh Rs. 130
Mushroom Delight Rs. 130
Paneer Tikka Rs. 130
Plain Cheese Rs. 130

Pizzas  Non Veg

Cheesy Chicken Rs. 150
Chicken Tikka Rs. 160

Chinese Starters  Veg

Chilli Mushroom Rs. 140
Chilli Paneer Rs. 140
Honey Chilli Babycorn Rs. 130
Honey Chilli Potato Rs. 120

Chinese Starters  Non Veg

Chicken Lollypop Rs. 220
Chilli Chicken Rs. 200
Garlic Chicken Rs. 200

Chinese Main Course  Veg

Chilli Paneer in gravy Rs. 160
Veg Manchurian Rs. 150

Chinese Main Course  Non Veg

Chicken Manchurian (Main Course) Rs. 250
Chilli Chicken in Gravy (Main Course) Rs. 220

Chinese Rice/ Noodles  Veg

Veg Chowmein Rs. 110
Veg Fried Rice Rs. 100
Veg Hakka Noodles Rs. 100
Veg Schezwan Noodles Rs. 120
Veg Schezwan Rice Rs. 120

Chinese Rice/ Noodles  Non Veg

Chicken Chowmein Rs. 150
Chicken Fried Rice Rs. 150
Chicken Hakka Noodles Rs. 140
Chicken Schezwan Fried Rice Rs. 150
Egg Fried Rice Rs. 120

Rice/ Biryanis  Veg

Jeera Rice Rs. 100
Steam Rice Rs. 90
Veg Biryani Rs. 160
Veg Pulao Rs. 150

Rice/ Biryanis  Non Veg

Chicken Biryani Rs. 200
Chicken Tikka Dum Biryani Rs. 200
Egg Biryani Rs. 160
Mutton Biryani Rs. 220

Starters  Veg

Hara Bhara Kebab Rs. 120
Paneer Pakoda Rs. 130
Paneer Tikka Rs. 150
Tandoori Soya Champ Rs. 130
Veg Seekh Kebab Rs. 130

Starters  Non Veg

Afghani Chicken Full Rs. 320
Afghani Chicken Half Rs. 190
Chicken Achari Tikka Rs. 220
Chicken Kali Mirch Rs. 220
Chicken Lasooni Tikka Rs. 200
Chicken Malai Tikka Full Rs. 260
Chicken Malai Tikka Half Rs. 140
Chicken Reshmi Kebab Rs. 220
Chicken Seekh Kabab Rs. 200
Chicken Tikka Full Rs. 250
Chicken Tikka Half Rs. 140
Fish Fingers Rs. 180
Fish Fry (Seasonal) Rs. 200
Fish Tikka Rs. 240
Fried Chicken Full Rs. 300
Fried Chicken Half Rs. 160
Mutton Seekh Kebab Rs. 220
Mutton shami Kebab Rs. 280
Spicy Tikka Rs. 200
Tandoori Chicken Full Rs. 300
Tandoori Chicken Half Rs. 160
Tangri Kabab Rs. 160
Tangri Kebab Rs. 300

Main Course  Veg

Aloo Gobhi Matar Rs. 130
Aloo Matar Rs. 130
Aloo Payaz Paneer Rs. 150
Butter Paneer Masala Rs. 160
Chana Masala Rs. 140
Dal Dhaba Rs. 120
Dal Fry Rs. 120
Dal Makhni Rs. 140
Dal Tadka Rs. 120
Gatte Ki Subzi Rs. 140
Jeera Aloo Rs. 120
Kadhai Paneer Rs. 160
Malai Kofta Rs. 170
Matar Mushroom Rs. 160
Matar Paneer Rs. 150
Methi Malai Matar Rs. 160
Mix Veg Rs. 150
Mushroom Masala Rs. 180
Palak Paneer Rs. 150
Paneer Burji Rs. 160
Paneer Lababdar Rs. 160
Paneer Methi Malai Rs. 180
Paneer Tikka Masala Rs. 160
Shahi Paneer (Red Gravy) Rs. 170
Shahi Paneer (White Gravy) Rs. 170
Soya Champ Masala Rs. 140
Subz Korma Rs. 180

Main Course (Chicken)  Non Veg

Butter Chicken Full Rs. 540
Butter Chicken Half Rs. 320
Butter Chicken Plate Rs. 180
Chicken Curry Full Rs. 480
Chicken Curry Half Rs. 280
Chicken Curry Plate Rs. 160
Chicken Dahiwala Full Rs. 500
Chicken Dahiwala Half Rs. 300
Chicken Kali Mirch Full Rs. 500
Chicken Kali Mirch Half Rs. 300
Chicken Kali Mirch Plate Rs. 170
Chicken Korma Full Rs. 540
Chicken Korma Half Rs. 320
Chicken Lababdar Full Rs. 500
Chicken Lababdar Half Rs. 300
Chicken Lababdar Plate Rs. 170
Chicken Masala Full Rs. 500
Chicken Masala Half Rs. 300
Chicken Masala Plate Rs. 170
Chicken Rarha Full Rs. 550
Chicken Rarha Half Rs. 350
Kadhai Chicken Full Rs. 500
Kadhai Chicken Half Rs. 300
Kadhai Chicken Plate Rs. 170
Lahori Chicken Curry Full Rs. 500
Lahori Chicken Curry Half Rs. 300
Methi Murg Full Rs. 500
Methi Murg Half Rs. 300
Rajasthani Red Chicken Curry Full Rs. 550
Rajasthani Red Chicken Curry Half Rs. 350
Rajasthani Red Chicken curry Plate Rs. 200

Main Course (Chicken Boneless)  Non Veg

Butter Chicken Boneless Rs. 320
Chicken Tikka Masala Boneless Rs. 300
Malai Chicken Boneless Rs. 320

Main Course (Egg)  Non Veg

Egg Burji Rs. 100
Egg Curry Full Rs. 350
Egg Curry Half Rs. 220
Egg Curry Plate Rs. 120
Nargisi Kofta Rs. 250

Main Course (Mutton/Fish)  Non Veg

Bhuna Gosht Rs. 350
Fish Curry Rs. 300
Jungli Maas Rs. 350
Keema Kaleji Rs. 320
Keema Masala Rs. 300
Laal Maas Rs. 350
Mutton Curry Rs. 320
Mutton do Pyaza Rs. 350
Mutton Roganjosh Rs. 350

Papad/ Salad/ Curd  Veg

Curd Rs. 40
Green Salad Rs. 50
Masala Papad Rs. 35
Papad Rs. 15
Raita Rs. 60

Breads  Veg

Aloo Pyaz Parantha Rs. 40
Butter Naan Rs. 60
Garlic Naan Rs. 50
Jungli Roti Rs. 30
Lachha Paratha Rs. 30
Plain Naan Rs. 40
Pudina Paratha Rs. 40
Roomali Roti Rs. 15
Tandoori Butter Roti Rs. 20
Tandoori Roti Rs. 15
Tawa Butter Roti Rs. 15
Tawa Roti Rs. 10
Veg Stuffed Parantha Rs. 40

Breads  Non Veg

Keema Naan Rs. 90
Keema Naan with curry Rs. 120

Thali  Veg

Veg Thali ( Paneer Veg, Seasonal Veg, Dal Tadka, Pickle, Jeera Rice, 04 Tawa Butter Roti, Salad, Sweet) Rs. 150

Thali  Non Veg

Non Veg Thali (Chicken Curry, Dal Tadka, Rice, 2 Lachha Paratha, Salad & Sweet) Rs. 180

Mini Meals  Veg

Dal Mini Meal Rs. 80
Veg Mini Meal Rs. 100

Mini Meals  Non Veg

Non Veg Mini Meal Rs. 150

Beverages  Veg

Mineral Water (1 L) Rs. 20
Soda (600 ML) Rs. 20
Soft Drink (600 ML) Rs. 40

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